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  1. Basic Robotics (For The Beginners)

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    Robotics involves the creation of robots to perform tasks without further intervention, while AI is how systems emulate the human mind to make decisions and 'learn. ' While you can have robotics with an AI element (and vice versa), both can, and usually do, exist independently of each other.

    Price for Course : Rs 6500

    Price for Kit : Rs 2900

  2. Advance Robotics (Advance Projects Included)

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    They learn about mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine automation and computer control systems. Students use a robust robotics platform to design, build, and program a solution to solve an existing problem.

    Price for Course : Rs 8500

    Price for Kit : Rs 4100


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    The internet of things is a technology that allows us to add a device to an inert object (for example: vehicles, plant electronic systems, roofs, lighting, etc.) that can measure environmental parameters, generate associated data and transmit them through a communications network.

    Price for Course : Rs 6000

    Price for Kit : Rs 2300

  4. Programming C

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    C is a procedural language that provides no support for objects and classes. C++ is a combination of OOP and procedural programming languages. C has 32 keywords and C++ has 63 keywords. C supports built-in data types, while C++ supports both built-in and user-defined data types.

    Price for Course : Rs 4000

    Price for Kit : Rs 0

  5. Programming Python

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    A Python class is like an outline for creating a new object. An object is anything that you wish to manipulate or change while working through the code. Every time a class object is instantiated, which is when we declare a variable, a new object is initiated from scratch.

    Price for Course : Rs 9000

    Price for Kit : Rs 0

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